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Tyler Cabrinha was born and raised in Hawaii and has been drawing as long as he can remember. He was very blessed to have an incredibly artistic father who drew, among the many other talents he had. From the moment Tyler could understand and appreciate his father's artwork it inspired him to draw. From that time on Tyler would draw everyday but always considered it to be just a hobby he grew to love from a very young age. It wasn’t until his late teens that he realized he wanted something more from his art and how could he make a living at it. He got tattooed by a true artist and tattooer out of Kailua, Oahu Dodge Distad, which opened his eyes to a new opportunity to work with art. He spent hours getting tattooed by Dodge and getting a firsthand look at how sacred, amazing and technical it was to be a custom tattoo artist. The obsession had been planted. Tyler struggled working many different trades in between trying to find an apprenticeship. He would go on to acrylic painting and selling original paintings on the side while working different jobs full time. It wasn’t until he moved from Oahu to Kauai to live with his father and his wife that Tyler would finally meet his mentor Moon Lake. He was mentored by Moon at “Island Tattoo House of Mana Ink”. He then ended up moving back to Oahu to further his career at new shop his friend Palani Fernandez was opening. Tyler would go on to work beside and under many great shops and artists during the last ten years tattooing. He attributes his knowledge in art and tattooing to the artists he has been so blessed to be inspired by and worked with. In 2017 Tyler moved to Logan, Utah and opened Hybiscus Tattoo in January 2019, all thanks to his business partner and co-owner and aunty Janine Baughn who inspired and pushed him to go for it with her help. Tyler is a versatile tattoo artist who prides himself in doing many different styles of tattoos. Tyler lives and breathes art and understands how Important a good tattoo is and what it means to the client. “Without the client I don’t have work. I strive to make the best tattoos every time, so I don’t have to worry about my chair being empty.” Hybiscus Tattoo and Piercing shares the fundamental values that Tyler lives by in his craft. He can proudly say that the custom artists and piercer that work under the same roof all share the same values and put so much care and dedication into their craft as well. TATTOO DISCLAIMER There is no underage tattoos allowed within our county. You must be over the age of 18.
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Hybiscus Tattoo and Piercing 926 N Main Street Logan, Utah, 84321 (435) 213-9107
TATTOO DISCLAIMER There is no underage tattoos allowed within our county. You must be over the age of 18.
PIERCING DISCLAIMER If a person is under the of of 17 and requests to be pierced, we do need a guardians consent and guardian with you. A form of identification is needed from both client and guardian (A birth certificate will suffice). If last names are not the same you will need to provide a form stating the relationship as a legal guardianship. Please also provide proof of tetanus shot. Be descriptive when you are booking your appointment! Please provide type of piercing you are interested in and any other details that might be helpful to your piercer. Thank you!
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