Hybiscus Tattoo & Piercing Logan, Utah
Now Hiring! Tera
Piercer Tera has always been fascinated with piercings, so much so, that she made it her career. She loves making people feel beautiful with all the different piercings a person can get. It's something one can do to make them unique and she enjoys being able to do that for everyone. Piercings have always been a passion of hers, both on herself and others. Shes ways lived here in Cache Valley and is excited to show her skills!
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    We are looking looking for quality tattooers! Contact Us! All inquiries are kept confidential.
Piercings by Tera
Hybiscus Tattoo and Piercing 926 N Main Street Logan, Utah, 84321 (435) 213-9107
TATTOO DISCLAIMER There is no underage tattoos allowed within our county. You must be over the age of 18.
PIERCING DISCLAIMER If a person is under the of of 17 and requests to be pierced, we do need a guardians consent and guardian with you. A form of identification is needed from both client and guardian (A birth certificate will suffice). If last names are not the same you will need to provide a form stating the relationship as a legal guardianship. Please also provide proof of tetanus shot. Be descriptive when you are booking your appointment! Please provide type of piercing you are interested in and any other details that might be helpful to your piercer. Thank you!
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