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My Name is Sabastian Ujano-Akau. I'm an established tattoo artist and piercer since 2007. I was born and raised on the island of Kauai where I apprenticed under my two mentors. Moon Lake and Thad Nakao out of Island Tattoo "House of Mana Ink"!!

I was and am very reluctant to have took to the world of art since my childhood. I found interest in the tattooing industry and lifestyle ever since my cousins boyfriend introduced me to a homemade prison tattoo machine. I was drawn to the art of tattooing from that day.

As an artist, I took advantage of what I could learn, so later in the future I could be a professional. Being an artist in this industry in Hawaii is a cultural tradition for us, even as I grew versatile as an artist I took to a lot of leading artists in the industry like "Paul Booth," "Roman Abrego," and other artist influences I've worked with out of West Coast Ink Kapolei.

Everyday is a learning process in the industry. My art is a part of me, and a part of how I can create something meaningful for you or any client I work with.

I'm proud to be working with fellow artist Tyler Cabrinha as I have worked with him in the past as we both took an apprenticeship at Island Tattoo.

Aloha, and Godbless.

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