About Hybiscus

Custom Ink and Piercings

926 N Main Street Logan, Utah, 84321


Shop Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 12pm-8pm


(435) 213-9107

At our lovely upscale tattoo shop you can find art portfolios to browse from of our two professional tattoo artists. We provide quality aftercare products for both tattoos and piercings to ensure they heal correctly and remain as beautiful as they were the day you left the shop!


We also carry a variety of tattoo merchandise including artist prints and stickers. Let our body art professionals help you out with a custom tattoo or some new body jewelry today! Walk-ins always welcome.

How we are different from our "competitors"

Experts in Art

The art always comes first.

Our team has spent years practicing and perfecting their styles and techniques.

Focus on Communication

Tattoos are permanent so its important to stay in constant communication with our clients to ensure they leave satisfied with the final product.

Every Step of the Way

The Hybiscus Team is  with you the whole time. We work with you step by step to guarantee you love the final product.



Tattoo and Piercing

926 N Main Street Logan

 Utah, 84321

(435) 213-9107

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